July Babies!

I have just realised that i have issues remembering birthdays. I have forgotten so many birthdays this year that i deserve to celebrate my birthday stuck all alone in some tiny cave somewhere! In my defence, i had everyone’s birthday stored in my old phone which i traded in without noting down the dates. And June and July are tricky months. There are about 100 birthdays to remember and they all come one after another. Ok fine that was a stupid defence but nevermind.

I shall write mini birthday messages to some of my most favouritest July babies! If your name is not included and you are born in July, i am sure you are my favouritest person too. Please slap me, and continue to love me.

In order of their birthdates…

Miss V

Happy 22nd Birthday darling! I know i was a complete idiot, forgetting your birthday like that, but i hope you know i still love you! Actually i sort of knew your birthday was sometime before Jen’s birthday, and i tried to get your birthdate via all sorts of dodgy ways, but obviously, i failed miserably! Nonetheless, i hope you had a lovely day and i hope the prayers on Sunday went well. We’ll meet up soon and go dip our feet in the germ infested pools again shall we? 😉


Why do you have to be all the way down under? It’s been like 4 years since we spent a birthday together and i miss it! I even miss you rolling your eyes at me and calling me bitch and the whole whaaatever thing! You are honestly the smartest bimbo i know 😀 I hope you had a fantabulous 22nd birthday and come back soon, so that the 4 of us can have another celebration!

Spring Chicken

I am so glad i got to meet you on your birthday and cheer you up! Even though the milkshake and tea and food in general could have been so much better! I hope you feel ok now, and hey, don’t worry too much ok? You are not too bad a guy 😉 You are just going through a sucky phase. Soon, things will get much better and you’ll wonder why you were even upset in the first place! Happy Birthday! *cluck cluck*

Miss Punctuality

Ok i should stop calling you that. You were amazingly on time on saturday :p So i am guessing you are going to reform riiiight? Even if you don’t, we still love you ok? Thanks for being such a wonderful ps buddy and for always, always being there to cheer me up. Hope you had a fantastic 21st birthday and i cant wait to have a blast at your party!

ps: Hope you liked the brownie!

And the brownie! I have to talk about the brownie. It was the most non-brownie tasting brownie i have ever eaten. It aboslutely din’t taste like a brownie, nor did it taste like a cake and well, i don’t know. It din’t taste like anything i have eaten before. It was just sweet and gooey and just so yummy! We got it from Mrs Field’s at the Esplanade and that was our birthday cake for anitha…


I know the candles are sliiightly misplaced, but doesn’t it look gorgeous? 😀

Oh and we managed to catch abit of the fireworks after the mini celebrations. Actually we were chilling out inside esplanade and suddenly we heard loud booms! And then we all just DASHED out and we literally ran! People must have thought we were insane. But hey, pretty fireworks.


Ok obviously i am not the best photographer around, but i was too busy being fascinated to bother with a picture till it was too late! I just have this absurd fascination with fireworks. Cant help it. We’re gonna go watch them again on National Day. Anyone else wana join us?


Who lives in a pineapple under the tree…

Sponge Bob Square Pants!!

Haha ok fine, that was lame. But i am bored!

I am stuck in school (shut up i am not a loser), with this big fat proof reading assignment to do. I think if i read as much as one more line, i might drop dead. That actually doesn’t make sense because i am reading everything i am typing. Did i mention i was bored?

Ok so while i am rotting away doing everything else except what i am supposed to do, let me blog about the freakiest train journey i have ever had.

So this was a few days back, and me and R were in Jurong East mrt station. Now as it is that place is a hellhole. This stupid idiotic assholes run for the train like it’s the pathway to heaven. But i’ll blog about this another day. So we were waiting for the train and R got a phone call. So R is generally a loud person and she was talking loud enough for all of Jurong plus part of Clementi to hear. And there was this indian girl (lets call her S)  standing right next to us and openly eavesdropping on her conversation. Ok fair enough since R sounded like she was hosting a show right on the platform, it doesn’t quite qualify as eavesdropping but she wasn’t even pretending to not hear. She was just staring at R and listening.  So this girl looked exactly like R’s sis. Chubby and extremely sweet and innocent looking. Maybe about 14? Or 15? And she kept smiling at me..really sweetly, so i smiled back at her.

Then we all got into the train, and she sat opposite us. Next to her was a chinese lady (abit crazy looking) and 2 indian boys. And beside me and R were 3 extremely noisy mangamma jacks. Like the scary, lots of make-up, screaming in anjadi tamil variety.

So then S kept smiling at everyone in the train. At the 3 mangammas next to us, at us and basically everyone. And then suddenly, the 3 mangammas started laughing. I swear they sounded like chickens being drowned. So i started giggling. Then S started smiling somemore. Then renu started giggling. Then the guys started laughing. Then the mangammas started smiling at me. Then the chinese lady opposite smiled at me. Then i started laughing hysterically. Then the chinese lady started laughing loudly. Then S started laughing.


The worst part is, i have laughing issues. Once i start, i can’t stop. And R was gonna get off at woodlands, which meant i would be laughing to myself in the train till Yishun. So i decided to get off with her, and wait for the next train. Then ah, S also got off…and she smiled at us once more and went down the escalator. Me and R stood over the railing looking down, and we saw her standing against a pillar. So we just stood there for a while spying looking at her, when suddenly her head disappeared. In a cloud of smoke.


She must have been all of 15? Why was she smoking????????????????

I mean, i don’t want to sound judgmental la. Maybe she has a shitty family or lousy friends or something that made her take up smoking. But it’s still so sad 😦

And all you idiots who are going to act all righteous and ask me why i discriminate smokers, shut up. It’s all fine and dandy to act all liberal and say it doesn’t mean that if someone smokes he is a bad person, you shouldn’t judge. I am not saying he or she is bad nor am i judging. But the fact remains that that particular individual is slowly but surely clogging up his or her lungs with layers after layers of yucky black stuff! Gah.

Ok anyway, my head hurts. I think i am just using the computer too much, for all the wrong reasons.

Like just now, i was reading about the 9/11 conspiracy theories. It’s quite interesting to read, and sometimes you just get soo amazed that people’s minds can work in such weird twisted ways.

Here, you have a laugh too…

Loose Change

And this is a spoof of the above video. It is damn bloody hilarious!

Unfastened Coins

Movie Review #1

I honestly think i suck at writing movie reviews, but the movies these days are so awesome that i cant not dedicate an entire entry to raving about them, and what better way to start it off than talking about…

Source: Sulekha.com 

The Boss!!! *Scream*

Ok as you can see, this is not going to be a very objective review 😉

Seriously, the movie rocks. My first thought after watching it was that this is an excellent film for him to leave the industry with a bang. For one, the storyline epitomizes all that Rajini has stood for. An overwhelming desire to improve the lives of the majority of people in India who live in poverty, and a complete disregard for the scum that is Indian politics. This, together with the fact that the movie is directed by the biggest fascist in the indian cinema industry, has made Sivaji a poster child for private governance in India.

Serious issues aside, the cinematography, graphics and backdrops are simply gorgeous and unprecedented (for a Rajini movie anyway) and the colours..omg the colours! Speaking of graphics and editing, have i mentioned that Rajini looked hot? As hot as a 50 plus year old man can EVER look. Especially when…

 Source: Sulekha.com 

He was Bald!!

 I am sure it’s against the law in some part of the world to find an old man so cute…but hell!

And shreya, she was picture perfect.

 Source: Sulekha.com 

No doubt it was the result of endless digital editing, but hey she is gorgeous. The editing just enhanced whatever she already had. It doesn’t help that she’s such a graceful dancer. So basically, she fit the role of Rajini’s preferred choice of heroines (gorgeous and just-there-for-eye-candy-sake) perfectly. Ok to be fair he has had pretty strong heroines in some of his movies, but their mostly of the barbie doll variety right? Nayanthara made a guest appearance for the first song, but i think she was just extra. She was unnaturally thin and danced like she was high on drugs.

And the comedy! The best i have seen in a while. Vivek was a real star and he had me in stitches. And livingston too. He played a really small part, but whenever he did appear, he was ridiculously funny. Bringing in 3 really good comedians right at the end was a great touch too. So unexpected, and good comic relief after all the serious scenes.

From a more objective perspective, the movie had serious loopholes. Like the part where Raghuvaran revives Rajini using CPR after 20 minutes or something. Abit too farfetched. But people, this is a tamil movie. No tamil movie is complete without atleast one illogical scene. So there. The fight scenes were too long as well. Like unnecessarily long. That was on thing i hated about the movie.

 I loved the fact that it was such a star studded cast. Some of the most talented actors were in the movie, including manivannan, Raghuvaran, Livingston, Suman, and a whole lot more. Even the MGR and Sivaji (Ganesan) were brought to life. 😉

 So that’s it for my review. It was more of a gushing session than a review, but hey, im a learning child. Give me somemore time and i’ll write kick-ass reviews ok? 😀

The Perfect Man.

Since i am a swinging single, people love to ask me this particular question. What is your definition of the perfect man? What do you seek in your significant other?

Maybe 5-7 years ago, i would have said i want a tall, dark, cute, intelligent, caring, funny, loyal, responsible, even-tempered man who also loves kids. One of the few benefits of growing older is that i have gotten a cold, hard reality check. Looking for such a man is almost as ‘easy’ as looking for the Holy Grail. So now, i am much more practical, and when a friend asked me the same question yesterday, this is what i told him.

I have a handful of good guy friends, and there are certain things i love about each one of them, and i think my perfect guy should have these selected few qualities. That, and sufficient chemistry is probably enough to make me happy. So let’s explore what these qualities are shall we?

Since this blog is anonymous and all, i shall refer to these men in my life by their respective nicknames.

In no particular order…


Now this guy, i probably know him the longest. A grand total of 9 years. The thing is, although i love him to bits and pieces, i can’t think of any particular quality in him that i would want in a future boyfriend. He talks too much, he is forever scolding me, he thinks I talk too much, he never watches nice movies with me, he teased me once in secondary school till i cried aaand he doesn’t have this blog add. 😉 Ok his one redeeming quality is that he sometimes does the most sweetest things that catch me totally off-guard. But what i really love about him is that he is always there. I know that if and when i need him, he’ll come through for me. And to a certain extent, i depend on him to be there for me. I know that this trust and dependence exists because ive known him for so many years, and that it’ll be hard to get this with any other guy anytime soon. Still, it’ll be nice to get a guy who makes me feel just as secure as KK does.


Ok i call him this because he does the stupidest things sometimes and i start off every conversation with him scolding him swine! But anyway, this guy is the big brother i never had. He is extremely protective and once, he even called up this guy who was 3 whole years older to scold him for bullying me. Ok it is a rather macho-istic thing to do, but it meant alot to me. He is also the best ever at talking cock. This is extremely important to me. I need a guy who can spend hours talking to me about absolutely nothing. I know there are people out there who think it’s all cool and classy to only engage in intellectual conversations. Well bollocks to you. Talking cock is important. It gives your brain a rest (you dont need to think when you talk cock) and you can actually have fun. But let me qualify this. It has to be an interesting, funny conversation. Some people can talk rubbish for hours, but it’s of the fingernails scraping against a chalkboard variety. That’s a big no-no. So yes, protectiveness and the ability to engage in rubbish conversations.


Ok i refuse to explain why he is named as such. All you’ll need to know is that he is as nice as the name suggests 😉 Now he, is one of the sweetest men i know. He can be really scary at times (although he denies it), but most of the time, he is sweet. He is very thoughtful and makes an effort to remember every single detail about people, and he brings them up when you least expect it. And this, together with the fact that he is so unpredictable means that any friend of his is bound to be constantly surprised. He also has this one very endearing quality that is missing in most people (not just men) these days. He always makes an extra effort to make sure anyone who hangs out with him and his friends doesn’t feel left out, like by explaining inside jokes. I think this is a very much appreciated gesture, especially if one is feeling so very extra. So i’d like someone who makes this extra effort, both to make people feel included and to remember all the little things.

Spring Chicken

It’s so lecheh to explain how this guy got this nickname, but let me just say that it involves a very crowded arts deck, my dear greek goddess m, a loud and noisy me, a spring chicken from the western food stall, and him of course. So anyway, although i am not terribly close to him, i LOVE the fact that he is so bloody laid-back. Tell him a plane crashed and he’ll be like “really?” and then go back to eating his lunch. 😉 And whenever i whine to him about a matter of life and death (like maybe about a crush), he just says “chill lar”. Ok sometimes i really want to kill him, but i think it’s good to have the ability to chill now and then. Most people take themselves, and things too seriously these days. So yes, the ability to ‘chill out’. And it won’t hurt if my potential boyfriend is a cool biker, just like spring chicken..hehe


Ok shiv, i just realised i don’t have a nickname for you. I’ll have to look for one soon. So anyway, shiv is extremely patient. I have mildly hypochondriac tendencies and shiv has spent so much of his precious time convincing me that i dont have brain tumour and cancer and various other assorted diseases. That’s quite important i think. Unlike this stupid guy i knew who just laughed at me when i wondering if i was having a heart attack. Ok maybe it was funny, cause i was lounging on the couch, eating chocolate and then wondering if i was having a heart attack. So fine, not very convincing. But i am sure everyone gets my point. Patience!

Smurfie a.k.a my Fairy Godfather

This one is a new friend and he is completely utterly crazy. And i think it’s so cool lah. 😉 He gets high on panadol, has the most hideous nickname for me, claims he is ‘sensitive’ and that he cries buckets when i bully him and has a phobia of me talking to his mom! 😀 Ok so i know you guys cant really see which part of this weird creature i would actually like, but i think it’s the fact that he is so nuts. Craziness is good. Together with the habit of being spontaneous, i think it’ll make for a fun relationship. So, i want a guy who is almost as crazy as smurfie. Not as crazy as him, cause i don’t think i could deal with that…right smurfz?

Ok i think i am done. To summarize, a guy who is always there for me, protective, able to talk crap, capable of going the extra mile and putting in effort, laid back, patient and slightly crazy. Shouldn’t be too tough hard i think…


So anyway, i have typed too much.


Disclaimer: These guys have tons of other nice endearing qualities too. I just plucked out one or 2 to talk about cause otherwise my fingers would drop off!!


Labels. How often do we subconsciously attach labels to people, based on their gender, ethnicity, background, while claiming to be against such forms of stigmatization?

I come from a single parent family. A few days ago, i got a call from a friend, who works with a particular self-help organization, asking me if i would like to be part of a program. This program showcases individuals who are inspirational and have made remarkable achievements. So i asked her what was so inspiring about me, cause last i checked, i was an average student, in a local university, getting pretty much average grades.

According to her, it was because i made it to university, despite being from a single-parent family. Now i dont blame my friend at all. She was probably issued instructions along the lines of..find someone who is doing well despite coming from a single parent/low income family. Or other families who are in such equally tragic situations.

So now my questions are aimed at that particular organisation. Over and over again, i see students belonging to the above-mentioned categories interviewed in your shows, and often, a very big deal is made out of the fact that they have done well. So am i to assume from this that kids from single parent/low income families are generally not expected to do well and if they do, it is miraculous enough to warrant a mention on national television?

Can you honestly say that kids from supposedly normal family units dont go off-track? By constantly making a big deal out of kids from single parent/low income (SPLI) families doing well, you are advocating the belief that kids from such families are doomed to drop out of school at 12, join gangs, spend their time smoking n drinking alcohol in coffeeshops, blah blah.

Shut up already.

True, i might come from a single parent family and my family income is definitely not up there. And yet, i dont see me or my brother turning out any other way. Even if my dad was around, we would done just as well. True enough, there are families who are adversely effected by the death of a parent. I agree. But there are 100s of factors which affect how an individual turns out in life and i think it is fallacious to blame it all on one single factor. I have seen kids from well to do, complete families who completely screw up their lives. So how do you explain this then?

So please, enough with the labelling. Nobody has the right to set disgustingly low expectations for someone and then act all surprised and pleased when they go beyond those expectations.

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Dunkin Donuts

I think i have issues. Seriously. This is blog #87634. It’s ok though, i do not want to dwell on my maniac tendencies to start/shut down blogs. Let me talk about something more interesting. When i say interesting, i mean, marginally more exciting than sitting in a corner and watching your toenails grow.

I am of course, talking about the revolutionary talk show that is being aired on You-Know-Which channel. Their discussion topics are simply out of this world and could, very possibly, give Oprah a run for her money. Like for instance, the latest show was discussing the viability of allowing children to name themselves. So the talk show host (extremely intelligent lady) claims that since most indian kids have nicknames along the lines of ammukutty and boi and god knows what else, we should just call them by their nicknames till they turn 10, and then ask them what name they would like for themselves.

*stunned silence*

 The idea was so brilliant, my brain failed to function for a minute. She could possibly win a noble peace prize for suggesting it don’t you think? The only problem i see with this grand idea is that the teachers who teach these kids till they turn 10 would probably have a mighty hard time differentiating ammukuty from amulu and sara boi from siva boi. But that’s all cool hey. I am sure the genius host in question would have a solution for that as well.

A few weeks back, they had another highly controversial,  never discussed before topic…

Which is the better route…JC or Poly.

Seriously ah, if they had spend hours trying to find a more boring, meaningless, pointless, discussed to death topic, they couldn’t have done better. Get over it already! How can anyone in their right minds have a discussion on this anyway? It’s just wrong on so many levels. What do you  mean by better? Better for getting into university? Better for starting work asap? Better at giving you a complete mental breakdown? What?! And many rationale, logical, sane people out there have said this 3.5 million times but it simply refuses to sink into some people’s brains ( i am being kind and assuming they do have one) that it really doesn matter whether you go to a damn jc or poly. Just study your ass off and you can do whatever your heart desires at the end of it.


Oh and the topic before that. Are sons better or are daughters better? Great create more problems in the family lah. As it is indian daughters have to deal with parents preferring sons issues. Now they make it worse by openly asking the parents. And you know what is the funny thing? People who were arguing that sons were better only had sons and vice versa. So where is the comparison here? How would they know sons are better if they have never had daughters? Are they out of their minds?

I could go on and on about the absurdity of it all, but it’ll just suck up all the available bandwidth in the entire world. But hey, next week they are going to talk about whether the men get cheated in a relationship or if it’s the women.


I can’t wait.

*rolls eyes*